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"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own." - Johann Wolfgan Von Goethe

Our Vision

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Students are at the center of the classroom at ASLI.
Our instructors design activities with their learners’ strengths, challenges, levels, and learning styles in mind. With students driving the focus of the content, all lessons are contextualized in their own experiences and lives—and are therefore more likely to be remembered!

Comparateur Assurance a Fes

Every course requires students to move, speak, make, and listen. By engaging all of our learners’ senses, we invite everyone to access the English language in the way that is most effective and most meaningful to them. All activities are reinforced across multiple competencies to ensure understanding and to build towards mastery.

Comparateur Assurance a Fes

We invite all of our learners “beyond the book.” Each course encourages students to learn English that they can use. For many students, this means that their instructor tailors the course curriculum their interests or professional goals. A communicative approach to teaching is applied to all levels, providing students with ample opportunity to take what they learn grammatically and use it in a way that is useful to them.

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