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ASLI INSTITUTE Sarah Quinn, Director
Sarah is the Director of the American School Language Institute. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Georgia in Art History and Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University in Education. Prior to joining ASLI, Sarah taught English in rural Morocco as a United States Peace Corps volunteer. She has several years of experience working as a museum educator, designing educational programs and materials for a variety of audiences at the Georgia Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the Harvard Art Museums. Sarah currently resides in Fes with her husband, the math instructor for the middle and high school students at American School of Fes.
Sanae is enthusiastic about teaching. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Engineering, Networks Communications specialty from Al Akhawayyn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Before joining the American School Language Institute, she taught holders of the Baccalauréat degree, and she also served as the representative of the project “e - FES / e – GOV” for Fes’s Registry Offices. She enjoys listening to music and discovering new technologies and new cultures.
ASLI INSTITUTE Salim Madani Benjelloun

Salim is an English teacher who has been working at the Language Institute since 2015. He has recently started teaching Arabic to the 6th and 7th grades at the American School of Fes and is excited to share his knowledge and experience with his new students. In his free time, Salim enjoys playing music, swimming, and reading books in Arabic and English.

Nicole Brenner
Nicole is a kid at heart; wanting to try new things and see the world brought her to Morocco the first time. She served as a volunteer in Morocco with the United States Peace Corps and fell in love with the country and its culture. After being in America for a year she decided it was time to try something new, and returned to Morocco to teach Kindergarten at the American School of Fes, where she has worked for the past year. She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in Intercultural Studies and International and Community Development. Her passion for working with kids, baking, and traveling the world is the fuel needed for each and every new adventure that comes her way.
Tim is currently on a leave of absence from a PhD program in English Literature at the University of Chicago, where he studies the relationships between American, French, and North African experimental literatures after the Second World War. He moved to Fez in order to improve his Arabic and to work on finishing a couple writing projects. He has taught various age ranges and students, from first grade second-language learners in Cairo to college students in Washington, DC. He especially likes talking about American professional basketball.
Zakia fell in love with English in her last year of secondary school. After graduating from high school and getting her Baccalaureate in Life and Earth Sciences, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English literature. In 2013, Zakia completed the TKT1 and TKT2 courses through the British Council. She has done volunteer work teaching English to both children and adults and also has experience teaching English to high school students in Turkey. In her free time, Zakia works with an organization that she started called Friends of Fez Orphans and is a storyteller at Café Clock Fes.
ASLI INSTITUTE Mustapha Ezzarghani
Mustapha is currently earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Hassan II in Casablanca. From 2014 through the spring of 2015, he studied English at two different intensive language programs in Athens, Ga and in Cambridge, MA. Mustapha has several years’ worth of teaching and tutoring experience in both Arabic and English. From 2011 until 2013, he tutored students in rural areas of Marrakech through a program run by Morocco’s Ministry of Education. He is currently working as the math instructor for middle and high school students at the American School of Fes.
Paul graduated in 2013 from The George Washington University with his undergraduate degree in International Affairs, concentrating in Conflict Resolution and Latin America. Afterwards, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he taught English and worked with the United Nations Development Programme. From 2015-2016, Paul was a Youth Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Agourai, Morocco. He now teaches Algebra, Theatre, Model United Nations and English at the American School of Fes and the American School Language Institute.

Anna is relatively new to the world of teaching. She completed her CELTA certification in June 2016 and worked at a summer school in Oxford, England afterwards. Prior to this, Anna was studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and International Relations at the University of Leeds. This is her second time living in Fes, having previously lived here for a year as part of her undergraduate degree program.
Samia has been teaching English for several years, beginning with a tutoring position while she was studying in university. She is now in her second year teaching with the Language Institute. Samia is an active member of the Community Service Club in ALC-ALIF (American Language Center – Arabic Language Institute in Fez) and has demonstrated leadership abilities in different activities and local community-oriented programs. She frequently assists with a variety of other activities through the center, including leading student groups who are studying abroad in Fes.

Tricia Kennell graduated from Illinois State University in 2013 with a B.A. in Spanish and minors in Writing and Latino Studies. After two summers of teaching English in Latin America, she completed her CELTA in 2015. She has been teaching with ASLI since she arrived in Fes in January 2016.
Safae studied at Oum Al Banin high school in Fes, Morocco and received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Sidi Mohammed Ibn Abdellah University. She is currently a Master’s degree candidate in the Cultural Studies program at the Faculty of Arts in Dhar El Mahraze. Safae coordinates the Cooking Club at the American Language Center of Fes. She loves teaching, being with kids, spending time in nature, and serving her community.
ASLI INSTITUTE Katarina Maruskinova
Katarina is originally from Central European country of Slovakia. After finishing her university studies in Prague, Czech Republic, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, as well as her Master’s in Territorial Studies, she traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, working as an English teacher and a tourism circuits travel director. She settled in Fes in 2014. Katarina is currently working on her Master’s degree in Arabo-islamic civilization while teaching English to adults and university students.

Ashley has been a professional educator for 10 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Drama from Syracuse University and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Theater from New York University. Ashley has worked as an educator in New York City, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Zanzibar, and now Morocco. She is currently the Principal of the American School of Fes and a Teacher Trainer at the Language Institute.

New in Fes, Anuja is a Modern Language student from the University of Leeds. She has experience in teaching English, French and Spanish internationally, with a particular interest in humanitarian relief; having recently taught in the ‘Jungle Refugee Camp’ in Calais and continues to work supporting refugees in Birmingham.

Tosca served in Peace Corps Morocco from 2013-2016 as a Youth Development volunteer. Prior to her time in Morocco she studied at Macalester College and obtained a degree in Classical Languages. She speaks French and is currently studying Arabic. She has worked in private and public school settings and enjoys helping her students fulfill their academic goals.
Najm has an Associate’s degree in Mental Health and Human services from Kings Borough College and earned his Bachelor’s (2008) and Master’s (2009) degrees in Social Work from Adelphi University. Najm has spent approximately 10 years working with people of various socio economic backgrounds. Some of those include mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, education, children who were on the brink of entering in the foster care system, children who were in foster care, adults with disabilities, children with emotional disorders and the list goes on. In the U.S. Najm is very heavily involved in community programs for the Muslim Community and volunteers his time coordinating many programs for the Muslim Youth. Najm decided to move to Fes to pursue studies in the Arabic language where he hopes to gain a mastery of it, InshALLAH .


Zahra recently graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Saiss-Fes. Prior to that, Zahra spent one year studying economics and management studies in the Faculty of Economics and Law in Dhar-lmehraz Fes. She is a co-founder of the voluntary organization “Step” and is a member of the International Organization of Human Rights Amnesty in Morocco. In her free time, Zahra enjoys writing poetry, reading, and swimming. She loves teaching and working with others.

Ikram is a recent graduate from the University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah in Fes. She studied in the Saiss Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences and received a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies with a focus on Literature. Currently, Ikram interns at the American School of Fes during the day and assists with a Petit-level class in the evenings.
ASLI INSTITUTE Soufien Merzoug
Soufien obtained his B.A in English Literature in 2012 from Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra. Upon graduation, Soufien started his career in teaching first as an English teacher at a private school in his city. Soufien also worked as a Language and Cultural Facilitator with the United States Peace Corps in 2014. From 2015 – 2016, Soufien served as a CorpsAfrica Maroc volunteer in the High Atlas Mountains. He taught Arabic, English, geography, and organized many athletic and environmental activities for the youth in his community. Soufien also assisted with the launch of a literacy program for women of the village during this time.
Salma received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literary Studies from Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fes. She then received a Master’s degree in Moroccan Cultural Studies at the same university. Salma’s MA thesis was about diaspora, mainly the Arab-American one and the process of borders crossings. She has been working with teenagers at the Artisanal Center in Batha (CFQMA) as an English instructor while also participating in teacher training courses at the university under the supervision of a Fulbright American professor. She is fond of sports, reading, traveling, and meeting new people.